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The Joy of Books

This clip was shared a few weeks ago by a fellow student. It was shared at the right moment as we were all in the midst of assignment deadline stress. Posting this stop-motion animation gave me that moment of de-stress I needed.

It puts a smile on my face everytime I view it… So I just had to share….


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National Year of Reading ~ 2012

We are always engaged in the act of reading and this year has been designated as the National year of reading. So Read, Read and Read and then why not continue to read. I couldn’t imagine anything more pleasurable… well maybe sharing what I have read with friends comes a close second.

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The effect of a book

I love this clip and what it says about the generational impact on humans. I also love books and can relate to the gestures translating to our use of digital technology such as iPhones, iPads and now with a trackpad for iMacs. Amazing how body memory affect other aspects of relating in the digital sphere.

The Effect of a Book, Extending Beyond The Form from João Machado on Vimeo.


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Summer Reading Club

Scare up a good book ~ shared by ALIA Summer reading club

Visit Summer Reading Club for more information and for Librarian and teacher resources visit the Summer Reading Club Wiki. Enjoy!


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