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Summer Reading Club

Scare up a good book ~ shared by ALIA Summer reading club

Visit Summer Reading Club for more information and for Librarian and teacher resources visit the Summer Reading Club Wiki. Enjoy!


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Celebrating Shaun Tan

Shaun Tan Website

Visit Shaun Tan Website

I absolutely adore Shaun Tan and have been extremely excited about his recent successes. On the back of his Oscar win for the short animation based on his book The Lost Thing,  he has just been awarded the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Prize. The second Australian to be awarded this prestigious prize in the last five years, the other being Sonya Hartnett. A Shaun Tan book is wonderful and appeals to all ages.

In 2004, The Lost Thing was a stimulus for the year 12 VCE unit 4 Drama curriculum and teaching this unit at the time was wonderful. This stimilus was one of my favourite of the ten provided. below is an example of how inspiring Shaun Tan books are for performing arts.

The Arrival as a performance for The Sydney Festival 2010

However, there is nothing like a Shaun Tan book in your hands and a quiet spot to peruse the detail of each page at your own time. Sheer Delight!

Don’t forget on Sunday 3rd April at 4.45 pm his Oscar winning animation will be screening on Australian ABC television.

Celebrate Shaun Tan!


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Learning From Diversions

With my scholarly paper looming, diversions are ever so present. This diversion is one that I cannot resist. Besides as a librarian in training, it is my duty to attend such an event. Now for a hearty breakfast and then off to this wonderful event…


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