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National Sorry Day

Sorry photo

Bringing them Home: The ‘Stolen Generation’ Report was released in 1997. On May 26 1998 the First National Sorry Day commemerating the Stolen Generations took place. The official apology by an Australian Government occurred on February 13, 2008. Kevin Rudd as Prime Minister apologised.

National Reconciliation Week 27th May to 3rd June, 2013

Following National Sorry Day is National Reconciliation Week. Check out the website to see whats on and for school based activities visit the Reconciliation Australia School Resources site.


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Indigenous Knowledge Centres

Visit Dot.Com.Mob for more information.


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Naidoc Week ~ 3rd to 10th July 2011

Moreton Bay Fig Tree, Wellington Point, Australia

Moreton Bay Fig Tree. cc licensed and shared by Henriette Von Ratzeberg

This week is Naidoc week. For more information visit the Naidoc website at

For more information about events visit the Local Naidoc Events Calendar.

You can listen to ABC Naidoc on ABC Digital Radio.


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