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Ungluing eBooks

I came across the following post titled Ungluing eBooks~creative commons licensed eBooks at the no shelf required blog and immediately had to pay a visit to the Gluejar site.

I have reproduced a section from How it works from Gluejar below:

“Anyone will be able to kick off a pledge drive for a favorite book. Gluejar will work with rightsholders to determine a good price, and anyone can contribute toward meeting it. When the goal is met, rightsholders will be paid in exchange for making their works available under a Creative Commons license. The book becomes free for everyone to read and share.”

How exciting! I’m subscribing as I want to know the moment the ungluing begins.


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Who owns culture?

The following clip is a great talk by Lawrence Lessig looking at the history of technology and Piracy. Interestingly, in the past according to Lessig the law always favoured the Pirate. This article titled ‘Free Culture’ advocate may pay a high price. published in the New York Times indicates that this may not be the case anymore.


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Creative Commons ~ Sharing creativity


For more information read The Power of Open


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