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Comic strips are fun!

Sorry about the lack of humour or wit. I just needed to experiment with Bitstrips and then share!


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Go animate!

I have just discovered Go animate it is a web based program where you can create your own animations or comic strips. The one that follows is a brief animation I made as a way of testing and evaluating the program. It is a pretty straight forward program and when you start it begins with a basic tutorial to get you going. It’s a breeze!

I didn’t do anything fancy. I just wanted to test it out and then share! Unfortunately I still need to work out how to embed the animation for free so it appears here like other videos. At present, I can only do this by posting the animation to youtube. However, in order to be able to do this Go animate will need to be upgraded for a fee. Ho hum…

Go on, Go Animate

Click on the following and it will take you to my first simple experiment with the program.

Welcome to the library let’s go animate


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