Have you heard of P-books

27 Aug

P-Book ~ a new name as a sign of the times? Is it portable? most definitely but according to the following article Out of Print, written by Kathy Evans and published in The Age today, it sounds like some snazzy new invention. Instead p-books, the old-fashioned paper variety…” is what the article is referring to in a rather tongue in cheek mode…hmmm….

It is definitely interesting times in the digital environment and the impact on books and publishing is presented in this article. A very local perspective is taken with a focus on Australia. How the landscape unfolds for independent publishers is worth following as at present it is still in the embryonic stage. With the launch of, an independent e-book store formed by a collaboration of Readings and SPUNC and soon to be followed by another Australian independent called ReadCloud, the rise of the independents is something to look forward to in a market that appears to be moving more and more towards segmentation. Or is this ‘the long tail’ we are chasing?

As for the future of the book, I am rather excited! I love all varieties of books, including the p-book. However, I am looking forward to the launch of the interactive book as Mike Matas demonstrated in the following Ted Talk in April this year.

For more on the future of the book, the following links are worth visiting


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