More on Filter bubbles

09 Jul

The Semantic Web or Web 3.0 is something I have been concerned about for a while as is apparent from my post Digital native and Web 3.0~or what I saw at the post office today. Coming across this clip from Eli Pariser just brought back the focus again. For more on Eli Pariser and filter bubbles or web personalisation you can read the transcript of an ABC radio interview called Filter bubbles, the global internet and Wikipedia’s diversity. You can download the audio of the interview at the same link.

The Washington Post published Eli Pariser and the threat of the filter bubbles by Melissa Bell on 16/5/2011.

If you want to delve further then The Filter Bubble is worth exploring, the blog post Duck! Google’s Cutts responds to search filter bubbles by Search Engine Roundtable adds to the perspective and Julian Baldwin’s Filter Bubble’s, the Web as we never intended it to become (Startup opportunity) is worth a read.


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