29 Jun

Google has finally launched its social networking rival according to The Age with the article Google launches Facebook rival ‘Google+’ Judging by the activity in cyberspace, people have taken notice and interest. Funnily, when I saw the ‘Google+’ symbol appearing next to everything that comes up in a google search, at the bottom of youtube clips and elsewhere, I initially assumed it was just a ‘like’ tag that would link up to gmail or some other google service. The semantic web is becoming clearer by the moment as the demo highlights below with the ‘Sparks’ function. This is further elaborated in this Blogpost by Techcruch.

Here is the Demo

Some other articles of interest are Will the Google+ Project out Social Facebook by Laurrie Sullivan in Media Post News.

Somehow the launch has overshadowed the news that MySpace is about to be sold by Chris Crum in WebProNews.

However, I think Google may just have found its mojo to compete with the social networking sites afterall. They even make Sparks sound exciting as the following clip indicates.

However, I am still somewhat wary of the concept of the semantic web and still feel it has limitations. The following youtube clip sums up some of my sentiments on this particular issue.


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