Hoping for a happy ending….

19 Jun

Hoping for a happy ending… is how this article, There’s plenty in store for the reader, senator by Bruce Guthrie, published in The Age today ends.

There is much talk of the demise of the book based on the failing of major book chain-stores like Borders and Angus and Robertson. Maybe we are in the grip of a transformation in how we read and consume literature or should it be more correct to term it media today?

However, I am somewhat skeptical about the demise of the book. There was a similar alarmist response when music video took off and I can certainly recall the hit pop tune ‘video killed the radio star’! Yet today radio is still strong and video (VHS) didn’t survive! Here is the clip for your enjoyment

31 years later we still have radio and I don’t see it dying. The same can be said for vinyl records with the advent of CD’s and now I am witnessing a revival of records and specialty stores popping up to service the demand.

Embracing all that is new is not throwing out all that is old. Maybe another way to assess the situation is that we are adding a bit more to our spectrum of choice.

Another article I read (although right now the article eludes me) suggested the physical book may become a domain for a cult following. Well that is yet to be seen but I certainly do not subscribe to the doom and gloom about the end of the book!


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