UTS Library ~ Transformed but not yet visited

14 Jun

Last week I was in Sydney visiting the ABC studios in Ultimo. While there I had a window of opportunity and I thought I could visit the UTS library. I started my studies at UTS more than twenty years ago and I was very familiar with the old library. Hearing that this library had undergone a significant transformation made me more than curious. However, I only had 15 minutes available and I thought I could quickly swan in, have a quick browse and then be off on my way.

Alas, it was not to be as the library has a security entry; this is definitely a new development. We were informed by security that we could enter once we registered our details as we were not students and did not have id cards. Prohibitive barrier number one! If I had more time available I may have registered, walked in and had a good browse. Time being limited did not enable this so I just looked in from the foyer and yes the transformation is greater than you can imagine! Gone is the brown and dingy library enter 21st century!

I may need to make a point to myself in the future to put time aside to visit and have a good look, however, I can’t help but wonder why so much personal information needs to be gathered each time one enters a public space?


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