Transforming to a Library 2.0 ~ Part 3

08 Jun

catalog cc licensed and shared by Justin Henry

As I mentioned in the last related post Transforming to a Library 2.0 ~ part 2, the response to the request for information and help with the Destiny Library Management System was fantastic. I keyed up a visit to a local Girls High School in Fitzroy that implemented Destiny at the beginning of this year. Heather, the Librarian responded to my OZTLnet request and said we were more than welcome to visit her school and have a run through of the system in use. The High School is not large with a student population of just over six hundred students. This is a good comparison to the Primary school as the student numbers are just over five hundred.

Mary from our Primary school, the TL from the neighbouring primary school and myself visited Heather at the High School Library on June 3rd. It is a beautifully set up library with zones spanning over two rooms. The larger room is the information and research library with computer pods and information related books and the second smaller room is the literature room. In the literature room there are some group tables and comfortable bean bags promoting reading as a leisurely experience. Heather informed us that wide reading classes are held in this room and one was in progress when we arrived.

Whilst here, Heather showed us the set up of Destiny including the different screens that can be navigated. She explained that Destiny Quest is the visual search face of Destiny and this the screen that students see as it is more visually appealing. Here is an example of the appearance of Destiny Quest of the Harpeth Hall School Library. She demonstrated various searches and was able to answer our plethora of questions.

The Library technician went through Destiny with us and displayed the various interfaces related to cataloguing, borrowing, user information and reporting functions. Similar to Access-it, Destiny can be manipulated and added to as a process of personalisation for a school setting. At this school everything has been catalogued via Destiny including musical instruments, iPads and other equipment in the school. This centralised approach is great. Destiny has the ability for interactivity with blogs and links that can be set up to enhance this. The school utilises a provided link for students to post reviews of books they have read and recommend them to others with ratings. Heather pointed out that they are still finding their way around the program and have not utilised Destiny to its full potential yet.

The positives of Destiny after this visit are that it is more cost-effective than Oliver and may be similarly priced to Access-it. It is a program that is utilised across the world with many examples available of its use. There have been the least negative responses to this program of all three programs from the various schools that have responded with evaluations that are using the programs. The support for Destiny is Melbourne based and Heather stressed how responsive and supportive they have been including through the training sessions provided. Access-it is New Zealand based and Oliver is based in QLD.

The overall appraisal of Destiny was very positive. We now have one more system to evaluate and that is Oliver. If you recall from my first post on this Journey, Transforming to a Library 2.0 ~ Part 1, the first High School I contacted was undergoing the same transformation and the Librarian there had visited a trade show of Library Management Systems at the end of last year and seemed most impressed with Oliver.

Oliver is the next system to evaluate and from my initial OZTLnet response, there are a few schools in Melbourne that have implemented Oliver and were happy for us to visit. This visit may have to take place early next term as we have reached the end of this term already.

Before we conclude the Destiny appraisal, here is a Destiny Training wiki I discovered with many useful resources for further evaluation and answers to questions I may not have thought of. It includes many links to PDF documents as training resources as well as orientation videos and a section on ebooks. Ebooks are another area of exploration for the library transformation… more on that next time.


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