The Digital Divide

04 Jun
Digital Divide

Digital Divide ~ cc licensed and shared by Mushon Zer-Aviv

The following links provide profiles of the digital divide across the world  and in Australia.

It is too easy to not pay attention or be aware of such an important issue when you/I are connected and participating via technology. However, not being able to participate impacts in many ways that for me/you are unimaginable. If I lost connection I would certainly  notice and feel powerless. I utilise technology everyday. My learning and research happens online. If I need information, whether it relates to ‘what’s on’ for entertainment, my banking, employment, utilities or finding a doctor for my medical needs, I go online and access what is required. Only recently I logged an insurance claim online. Although, I am aware that some people may not be able to do this for various reasons and need to go into a branch and speak to a person. What happens when companies shut down their branches as AAMI did because less than 2% of their income is generated through branches?  What happens to the people that utilise branches as opposed to the internet? They are now without an option. I have the possibility to remain connected and expand my connections. When you have knowledge, you have power. Having the ability and tools to access knowledge is part of the process towards empowerment. It comes as no surprise that the divide is linked to socio-economic circumstance.

The following videos provide further information regarding pertinent aspects of this issue.


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