Word Clouds ~ Wordle vs Worditout

24 May
Wordle: learning with information

Learning with information created at

This is an example of a word cloud created utilising the Wordle tool. It is pretty straight forward. You go to Wordle click on create and paste in a group of words. The words I pasted were a combination of my tags from my blog and the addition of other words based on learning this semester. You can manipulate the look of your wordle by changing fonts, colour palettes, and text direction.

Another, word cloud web program is worditout, I discovered this after reading the blog, (Thank you Priscilla!). Similar to wordle you click on create then you can paste in you’re selected text, add text and so forth. You can manipulate text size, word cloud size and colours.

21 Century Learning crated with WordItOut

21 Century learning created with

Word clouds are useful in enhancing presentations visually. They appeal to visual learners and can aid understanding. You can manipulate the word weighting to provide emphasis to some words over others and you can manipulate the shapes of your clouds, ie whether you want words to spill out the sides or be contained within border parameters.

The benefits of wordle appear in the ability to manipulate text direction whereas with worditout, the words appear as above, no vertical~horizontal mix up. However, in trying to embed both word clouds in this blog, I had difficulty manipulating the overall size of the wordle cloud, hence it remains small here. While I could paste the html code into this post with wordle and then view it visually, this did not occur with my worditout cloud. With worditout I had to download the word cloud to my desktop and then upload the image file into the post. More experimentation needed as I have seen word clouds created with wordle that appear larger on other blogs. Another benefit of both is that you can share them by making them public and others can use them in their presentations. Fantastic!

Who wins, they both do!


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One response to “Word Clouds ~ Wordle vs Worditout

  1. Priscilla Curran

    May 29, 2011 at 10:39 am

    I enjoyed your comparison of these two word cloud tools. I have been playing around with them both too. As you say, wordle seems to be more creative in the directions that the words can take. My students seem to prefer wordle and we have been using it in class in the last few weeks. I have come to see it as a great pre-reading tool for my students. They can copy and paste in the text we are looking at, and then we discuss the key ideas and key words from the text based on the larger words. Then, when we come to actually read the passage, they already have an understanding of what the passage is about. I found it really increased their motivation to read the passage and discuss it. Thanks for another great blog post. Priscilla


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