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09 May
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information overload

I currently have a couple of posts in draft stage and yet I have chosen to post this. Why? I question. this was not even in the planning process and yet here it appears before the other two posts that, I feel, will definitely be worth it. Well I am suffering from information overload hence the image. My reading for my learning has been somewhat obsessive; even though I am enjoying it enormously. I feel as if I have opened a box of chocolates and I just cannot stop until they are all eaten!

For my second assignment in my teacher librarianship subject I did something different and I now realise it has affected my information journey. What was different to my first assignment is that this time I borrowed a few books (physical books) from my university library and they needed to be mailed to me as I am studying via distance. I did not have the opportunity to look at the books, I did not have the opportunity to touch them or read the blurb; although I did read the abstract. I did not even have the opportunity to open the books and peruse the contents and flick through the pages. This experience is definitely different to prior library experiences. As a result, when the books arrived, three of my seven books were automatically evaluated as not particularly useful for my purpose. Fortunately, the others did offer relevance and I have spent the last weekend reading through these books and trying to absorb the relevance.

I am still in a process of determining how I feel about this process of borrowing via a distance library. Yes, it is nice to have a physical book to look through rather than PDF documents of chapters, journal articles that have been scanned or ebooks that I read with Adobe Digital editions. However, I am questioning whether the experience was better. When I do  not have the ability to be in the actual library to peruse the book and make assessments of importance to my purpose, sometimes the experience feels a bit hit and miss. I suppose four out of seven books is okay, but that is it, it is just okay. What about all the other books I didn’t see and was my search strategy effective in this circumstance?

I have felt success with my search strategies of databases and the accessing of academic journal articles or chapters from books in PDF format but this time I did not feel that sense of success. Something I definitely need to focus on and reflect on further!


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