Critical literacy

18 Apr

The politics of literacy and how to decode intent. A crucial literacy in evaluating message(s) and how power is implicit in the construction process of content creation.

The Teacher Research Project “Investigation identity and Power relations” is worth having a look at. There is a wealth of information regarding ‘literacy as social practice” and cultural aspects of literacy. The Tasmanian Department of Education site is also worth exploring as is the North Carolina University page on critical literacy.

Critical literacy is closely linked to theories of reading text  as a decoding process. Whether it is utilising structuralism and deconstruction through an understanding of semiotics, Post-structuralism, Marxism, Feminism and other theoretical underpinnings, reading as a process of understanding and uncovering power and meaning is an invaluable literacy evaluation skill that can be developed. The concept that language encodes power and an understanding of how to recognise or decode the power constructs is empowering for any learner.

More on literacy exploration in coming posts…


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