The Digital Native Has Global Connections

26 Feb

How an individual likes to learn is a preoccupation of teaching and a great deal of thought and research focusses specifically on this area in our attempt as educators to engage students, present meaningful learning and work with strengths or develop strengths. Lessons are designed based on learning styles in an attempt to reach and engage a learner. This focus is about acknowledging the individual and catering to their needs in an attempt to maximise potential.

As an educator, my teaching has focussed on developing individual learning plans for each student and this can only happen with a learning needs assessment. One of my favourite theories specific to these thoughts is Multiple Intelligence (MI) Theory as proposed by Howard Gardner. Following is a link that will give a brief overview.

One of my strengths is a visual learner, so I have included the following chart to make the ideas accessible visually.

In planning for teaching and learning, I often start by assessing the MI strengths of the individual student as a class activity. When class projects or tasks are set, working with a rubric to ensure the intelligences are covered proves successful for the various learners. furthermore, I make a point of not just working with an individuals strengths but challenging the student to work on their weaknesses. Thereby improving overall potential.

In teaching, the learner is the central focus and in considering how this is relevant to the Teacher Librarian (T/L) it quickly becomes apparent that the student is the centre.

With this in mind, as I love all things audio-visual, I discovered some thought-provoking video clips that relate to today’s learner. These clips focus on the climate of the digital world and the impact this has had in shaping today’s learner. The term Digital Native is often used to describe the people who were born during this era of the digital world. However, many are digital adopters.

This last clip is interesting in terms of its focus on the idea of interpersonal or social aspects of learning and how the internet has facilitated this to a certain degree. Even more importantly, the three clips are from three different continents, yet there appears to be a convergence evident and the idea of the global student being connected is certainly highlighted.

I would like to end with this clip that my lecturer has posted highlighting the change to information and accessing information. This clip made me think a great deal about understanding my work as a T/L in the world of information delivery, storage, categorising, relevancy and access.


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