All things Librarian

05 Feb

Everything has become Librarian in my world. I am obsessing over websites, familiarising myself with the Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) and feel inspired to utilise this as my classification system in my blog categories.

It is unfathomable to realise that there is a blog about DDC. Above and beyond, I find it fascinating! I now know that Harps come under the classification of 787. When I draw upon my imagination I love the way that number configuration has the visual aspect of the actual instrument. Absolutely beautiful!

Maybe this blog will have it’s own library within itself. This sorting is great, therapeutic and my mind is soaking up the numbers and categorising within. How many boxes within boxes can one have?…It seems the world of information categorisation was Ikea before Ikea even came to be.

The other discovery that I find hard to believe is how many librarians are out there blogging! What a social phenomena! This last point of discovery interests me immensely. The diversity of the blogs certainly add to my anxiety about my own blog. How am I to sound, who am I speaking to and, what do I want to say (beyond my journey as a librarian)? Some sites are so clever, and the voice of the blogger is so interesting, I found myself chuckling at the characters discovered. They certainly exude a confidence in self. Others are so information rich and their links, hyperlinks, intertextual, cross-textual and multi-literate approach is impressive to say the least.

Clearly, Librarians love to share information and they utilise all means available to them to ensure that this is possible. More things to love!

And on this note, as I love to share too, here is my incomplete list of ‘Blogging Librarians.’ Feel free to suggest some blogs you have come across.


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