What’s in a Name?

04 Feb

Officially I haven’t started. My course does not begin until the end of February. However, I do have my subject outlines and assessments available….

Therefore, PrePrint the blog.

What’s in a name?

That which we call a rose

Would smell as sweet by any other name.

The naming of a blog is a task in itself and I obsessed over this for what appeared to be a whole day. I enlisted the help of friends for suggestions.  With different personalities involved, I soon discovered the title suggestions depict different sensibilities. However, this was only the first step and I stumbled like any toddler learning to walk for the first time.

With my list on paper, I then googled, searched, hyperlinked and researched with as many cross-references as I could muster. The process was drawn out and I discovered that many names were not possible.

For example;

Between the Stacks– Taken,

Shelflife – Taken

thecatablogger– Taken

thisisindexed – Taken

Well Stacked – not sure if I can cope with the double entendre. But who can deny the love of a well-endowed library?

… and the list goes on and on. Even PrePrint had been a prior blog that is no longer in use. This is why I added an ‘s’ to the end and it was available! yippee!

Back to why ‘PrePrint’?

I discovered from ODLIS that PrePrint refers to a portion of a work, usually print, being published prior to the completed version.  I figured, that a blog functions in this fashion. The blog as a publication continues so it is perpetually incomplete. Yet, portions are continually published before any complete version.

Beyond this, as a blogger, you have the ability and option to continually re-edit previously published posts. Thereby changing the completed version continuously.

Is a blog ever complete or is it just a PrePrint?

PrePrint… Hmmmmm I wonder if it will ever be PostPrint?


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